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Superior propeller cleaning

The finish that can be obtained underwater on propellers with the hydraulic, diver-operated rotary polishing heads can be seen in these ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs.

The 3M Marine Discs are greatly assisted by water lubrication and the finish obtained is vastly superior to that obtained in drydock, in an air atmosphere.

While Rubert Gauge Grade ‘A’ or ‘B’ (1 or 2 microns) is easily obtained with the 3M Marine Discs on a propeller in good condition, 15 microns is a more common finish with high-speed grinders in drydock.

In fact, the grinders tend to be very destructive in the hands of anyone less than an expert.

The bright, clean finish resulting from the application of the 3M Marine Discs often dictates the underwater cleaning and polishing with this equipment as a drydocking prep.

Not only is the finish far superior, but it also means that drydocking time is saved as the propeller needs no attention when the vessel is out of the water.

Many of the world’s leading shipping companies now utilise the 3M equipment pre-drydock for these reasons.

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